Not embedded fonts

What are not embedded fonts?

Imagine you designed a business cards. You purchased or downloaded a cool font you want to use. You install that font on your system. Great! Your business cards look fabulous with that font. Now you want to print your design and you send that file to us. Well, this is where the problem begins. We do not have that custom font you used on your business cards installed on our computers. What will happen when we try to open your file is that we will get an error of missing font. To avoid that happening, you should always embed fonts in your PDF file.

How would I know if fonts are not embedded?

While uploading your files using our system, it will give you an error if there are not embedded fonts detected. Also, our file pre-flight team will notify you if there are no fonts embedded in your file before your file will proceed into production.

How do I embed fonts into PDF file?

Pretty much any graphic design software supports ability to embed fonts into file when saving your design as PDF. Please refer to the manual of your software for exact location for the setting or simply google it.

What is converting text to curves?

Instead of embedding fonts the software will convert text in the design into curves when saving as PDF. That might happen if you are using font that does not permit to be embedded into the file due to licensing. In this case you will need to convert your text to curves when saving as PDF.

What is rasterizing text?

Instead of embedding fonts the software will rasterize text in the design into images (bitmaps) when saving as PDF. This is not the preferred way as it will impact on the quality of the text when printed.